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Site Build It

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the beginner!
If you are new to online marketing then I highly recommend Site Build It. Site Build It is much more than a web hosting provider. It teaches you from beginning to end... how to choose your domain, building a website (no experience needed), how to market your website, submitting to search engines, how to presell and make the sale, detailed traffic analysis, and much more.

Site Build It


The Best Webhosting, Site Building & Marketing Program for Beginners
• Brainstorming & Research Tools

• Easy to use Web - HTML - & Graphic Designer
Submits your Site to Search Engines
Click-in and Click-through traffic Analysis
Ranking reports for directories
Invaluable marketing information & help 
Disc Space Data Transfer   Price Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Unlimited   $299.00 - 1 time per year 30 Day

As you know as with any business, if you don't get traffic to your door you are not going to make any sales. So in order to get that traffic with an online business you need to rank well in the major search engines like google, yahoo, and msn. But if you are just beginning your business online, understanding all of the ins and outs of all of the search engine requirements can be overwhelming and even confusing. But SiteBuildIt makes it easy... even for a complete beginner with absolute no prior web building and marketing experience!

I used Site Build It when I knew nothing about website marketing and search engine strategies and got some very good rankings. SiteBuildIt is a block-by-block "build by stacking" approach.  Without having to know HTML, FTP, CGI or a zillion other Web protocols, you can concentrate fully on building HIGH-VALUE CONTENT, which builds TARGETED TRAFFIC, which builds a profitable Web business.

Try SiteBuildIt Risk Free for 30 Days

The main features of Site Built it include:

  • Site Build It will register your chosen domain name and then automatically renew your domain name for you at at the end of the year.
  • Site Build it will host your site as part of your subscription price.
  • Keyword Research tool that helps you identify the profitable keywords in your niche.
  • The online page builder makes it easy to create websites without HTML knowledge. Alternatively you can use your own editor.
  • When pages are finished, Site Build it will check those pages and make suggestions on how to make the page optimized for the search engines.
  • The site build it manual takes you step by step through the brainstorming and research stages and then detailed descriptions of how to build your pages and your site.
  • Site Build it automatically creates your site for you using a pre-defined design that you choose.
  • Once pages are built, Site Built It! will submit your pages to the main search engines.
  • Keep track of where your pages rank with the built in tracking module.
  • Site Build it makes it easy to do pay per click (PPC) search engine research and campaigns.
  • Traffic stats module will give you details of how many people are visiting your site and how they are finding you. Details of which pages are generating the most traffic and much more.
  • Site Build it allows you to send out your own ezine or newsletter. Capture visitors e-mail addresses and build up a list of valued customers who will buy from you again and again.

Our Conclusion:
After working online for only a few months I somehow came across a free eBook called The Affiliate Masters Course which is a FREE 10-day course focusing on helping you succeed online. This then led me to try SiteBuildIt.

Site Build It taught me a lot. The information provided, (which is a lot of information), is more valuable than the SiteBuildIt program itself in my opinion. Ken Envoy, the owner of SiteBuildIt, evidently wants to see others succeed online as he himself doesn't just provide you with the means to make it online, walking you through step by step how from how to choose a domain, how to write content that sells, how to choose products, etc... If you will go through all of the information that he gives you and put to it use, you really can make it online.

Well anyway, I can't explain all that the program offers but I will say that if you are in the beginning stages of starting a business online, or are wanting to start a business online, then I highly recommend Site Build It as the best place to start. 

Site Build It Features

Unilimited web space
Unilimited Data Transfer
Brainstorming and researching tools
 Free Search Engine Submission
 Ranking Reports for Search Engines
 Detailed Site Statistics
Keyword search reports for Search Engines
Ranking Reports for Directories
Unique Keyword search reports for Directories
FREE Search engine optimization
Invaluable marketing ebooks & information
SBI! Xpress, Tips HQ and Resources HQ
4 Traffic HQs
Pay-per-click research and mass-bidding
Click-in and Click-through Analysis
E-zine Subscription and Delivery
Value Exchange
Link Fix It! (No more bad links!)
Full E-mail/WebMail With Spam 'n Virus Blast It!
Private SBI! Forums
30 Day money back guarantee

Most popular plan:
Price: $299.00 One time per year fee
Size: Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlike any other webhosting service offered anywhere.

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