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Spam Arrest  | Take Control of Your Inbox        

Spam Arrest is A 100-percent effective solution for blocking automated junk emails. It works through the "CHALLENGE-RESPONSE" system. Unlike other anti-spam solutions, Spam Arrest quickly and easily blocks spam before it ever gets to your inbox no matter how the spam is disguised or where it comes from.

How Spam Arrest Works:

Spam Arrest checks your mailbox every 2 minutes, forwarding your verified emails directly to your inbox, while blocking the spam. When a new message is sent to you, Spam Arrest checks to see if the sender is authorized to send you emails.

If so, Spam Arrest places the email in your inbox, with absolutely no delay. If the sender is blocked, the email is deleted immediately. It never reaches your inbox.

Unverified emails are stored on the Spam Arrest website for 7 days, and you may review them at any time. You may pre-authorized senders and entire mailing lists at any time, either by entering them individually, or by uploading your own address book. You may also pre-authorize email from automated services to which you subscribe, such as news services, organizations or even selected retailers and merchants.

Spammers cannot get past the SpamArrest verification process because when someone emails you for the first time, their email is held in a temporarily holding location and the sender is sent an email with a challenge which only a human is capable of completing. A spammer would have to complete this challenge, which is highly unlikely since nearly all spam is automated and not individually sent. 

But once someone does complete this challenge the email is automatically placed in your inbox where you can then choose to accept or block that person's email from that point on.

Spam Arrest offers solutions for individuals as well as for enterprise and service providers and works with any POP3 mail server (almost every ISP supports this). Support for MSN, Hotmail, and AOL is coming soon.

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More Information

Nothing I tried worked, until I tried Spam Arrest

"My inbox was out of control--I was getting almost 50 spam messages a day. Nothing I tried worked, until I tried Spam Arrest. I haven't gotten one spam since I started using it. Now my employees use it too."

- Chris H.
- Towson, MD


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