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Compare Leading Spam Blocking Software
Compare Spam Blocking Software
Spam Blocking Software
Listed in order of rating
- Spam Bully
- Spam Stopper
- Spam Arrest
- EmailProtect
- McAfee Spamkiller
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Compare Spam Blocking Software

Spam has changed from a simple annoyance to a computer and privacy threat. Recent studies have estimated that over 90% of all spam includes tracking bugs that actually watch and notify the spam sender when you have read their mails.

The Gartner Group, a research and advisory firm, estimates that 35% of all unsolicited email contains offensive adult content? One less thing that you need to worry about is this inappropriate material finding its way into your child's inbox. And most believe that spam will likely worsen despite a new U.S. law. But quality spam blocking software will block all spam BEFORE it enters your inbox.

Some of the top complaints among Internet users is the number of unwanted emails they receive. Problems often cited include:

  • Pornographic email full of graphic images and text
  • Unwanted commercial offers
  • Annoying email
  • Unethical or illegal offers

The following Spam Blocking Software are the most widely used and the most powerful of all available on the market today. Read and compare the features of each spam blocking software and choose the one that most fits your needs.

Leading Spam Blocking Software

1) Spam Bully - A very effective spam blocking software which learns from spammers messages and continually adjusts its spam filter to protect your mailbox. And in most cases SpamBully is effective in blocking over 99% of spam.

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2) Spam Arrest - A 100-percent spam blocking software for blocking automated junk emails. It works through the "CHALLENGE-RESPONSE" system. Unlike other spam blocking software, Spam Arrest quickly and easily blocks spam before it ever gets to your inbox no matter how the spam is disguised or where it comes from.

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3) Spam Stopper 2.0 spam blocking software hides in the background and filters incoming spam before it gets in your mailbox. Installs in seconds and filters junk emails with an extremely easy to use interface. Compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, Phoenix Mail, Opera, and Mozilla.

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4) McAfee SpamKiller - One-Click Block, Dictionary Attack filtering, predictive analysis - to keep inboxes clean and free of spam, including offensive content and potentially dangerous identity theft scams.

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