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Spam Blocking Software > Content Watch - Email Protect

EmailProtect from Content Watch is filtering and control spam blocking software for your email which gives you control over who may send you email by preventing unwanted email from entering your Inbox. Is your child being exposed to pornography while surfing the Internet? Are you sure? Click Here to find out.

EmailProtect identifies unwanted email based on criteria YOU choose including: keywords, email addresses, domain names, and servers. When unwanted email is detected, it is intercepted BEFORE it reaches your Inbox and sent to the Quarantine area.

The Content Watch EmailProtect Quarantine is a “safe area” where you can view the sender and subject lines of flagged messages. If you wish to view the email in Quarantine, you can choose to view it with or without images. This protects you from unintentionally viewing explicit images in your email.

EmailProtect works with all POP and IMAP email clients including:

  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • Eudora, Pegasus
  • IncrediMail
  • Netscape and others
  • Even better—a single copy of EmailProtect protects ALL supported email clients on the same computer

EmailProtect prevents these unwanted intrusions from getting into your email. Unwanted email is stopped BEFORE it ever reaches your Inbox.

Content Watch - EmailProtect Benefits:

  • Provides pre-set protection against pornography
  • Protects multiple email accounts automatically
  • Supports POP email software
  • Sends unwanted email to Quarantine before you see it
  • Acts on your unlimited custom filters
  • Downloads filter updates automatically
  • Easily add your friends to your Safe List
  • No complicated account names or server names to type
  • Saves settings for convenient backups for use at work & home
  • Dozens of filtering categories available

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