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PC Surveillance & Monitoring
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PC Surveillance and Monitoring Software

Record every detail of PC and Internet activity! 

Know what your kids, spouse, or employees are looking at on the computer when you're not around. Track ALL online and offline activity.

Every email, every web page viewed, every message whether instant messaging or in a chat room. I mean absolutely everything that is done on a computer that contains this software is recorded and stored in a secure area where you can view it anytime you like.

Know what's going on when you're not around! It doesn't even matter if the web pages or email was deleted in the hopes of getting rid of because PC Bloodhound records it all anyway.

What is your spouse doing while you're asleep? Who is he chatting with?  What is he looking at? Find out instantly with PC Bloodhound Activity Monitor.

What are your kids doing while you're at work? Are they visiting adult or dangerous websites?
Are they chatting with strangers? Protect your children with PC Bloodhound.

Are your employees wasting company time? Monitor all activities of all PC's on your network safely & easily. Make sure your company resources are being used in the manner intended with PC Bloodhound Professional activity monitor.

With PC Bloodhound you can monitor and log all keystrokes along with the window they are typed in.

Monitor and log all the internet sessions on the PC. Each log specifies the active user at the time of connection, the time and date of the event, along with the remote and local event ports, and local and remote addresses for the event.

PC Bloodhound monitors and logs all chat conversations made on AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ 2000, Outlook. Know exactly who your spouse, kids, or employees are chatting with and exactly what is being said.

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Log all websites visited through Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and America Online. All browsers URLs logged are accompanied by the visit start time, visit end time, and the active user that visited the website.

PC Bloodhound logs all the sites the user has visited for mailing and the address of sender. It also takes snapshots of your desktop at set intervals of time allowing you to see what is actually happening. The screenshot capture manager also has a built in slide show viewer for easy viewing.

The PC Bloodhound application also has the ability to log all usernames and passwords used during monitoring sessions. These include website logon passwords, chat clients, e-mail passwords, chat clients, etc...

With PC Bloodhound you can even control what websites users cannot visit and it runs totally stealth; it is virtually undetectable to the user.

If you want you can configure to monitor and record only when you want. And to keep others off of your computer you can schedule PC Bloodhound to lockdown your PC when you aren't around. And its password protected to prevent monitoring termination and options changes by others.

PC Bloodhound is a remote spy software for keystroke monitoring, email surveillance, instant messages & chat room monitoring and more. 

Click here to order PC Bloodhound and begin tracking ALL internet & computer activities of wife, husband, employees, and children.

Available for Home or Professional use!

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PC Bloodhound Home

PC Bloodhound Professional

Download PC Bloodhound or PC Bloodhound Professional today and receive a free scan of your PC for spyware and adware absolutely free!

All purchases are 100% guaranteed.


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