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GoToMyPC has been hailed as the best remote access software by some of the top companies in the industry... PC world, Windows IT Pro, & Computer Shopper. By far, the two best remote access solutions are GoToMyPC and pcAnywhere. Below is a comparison between these two programs so that you can make that choice for yourself.

GoToMyPC pcAnywhere
Installation Software is installed on host PC only, enabling Web-based remote access from anywhere Software must be installed on both the client and host PC, limiting usage to those two computers
Security 1. Preconfigured for maximum security (AES 128-bit end-to-end encryption) for easy installation by anyone

2. Works with most firewalls
1. Complex security options must be configured by technical administrators

2. Must bypass the firewall, compromising firewall integrity
Wireless Access Remote access available from Pocket PC wireless devices No remote access from wireless devices available
Ease of Use 1. Intuitive for the novice user

2. One-time automatic 2-minute setup
1. Complicated to use

2. Lengthy setup process
Support Free, unlimited, live technical support pcAnywhereT charges $29.95 per call
Upgrades Unlimited upgrades for life Each upgrade involves additional costs

With GoToMyPC it is like you are sitting in front of your computer with your very own PC desktop right in front of you, because actually, that is exactly what you are doing. When you login to GoToMyPC and access your computer, your very own desktop appears right in front of you to use just as you normally would.

You no longer have to spend time transferring files or worry that you don't have something that you may need on your home or work computer. GoToMyPC is an easy and secure remote-access solution that enables you to conveniently access email, files, programs and network resources from home or the road.

Access Your PC from Anywhere

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