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DVD Copying has come a long way. What first began as a form of e-book or tutorial guide that required you to follow many complicated steps and download additional software in order to copy dvds, has turned into many one click and copy software programs competing against one another to make the best dvd copying program available.

What we have done is we have taken the top titles in DVD Copying Software, worked with each one individually, and present you with the facts so you can choose the software that you feel is best for you. When ranking each software we consider the ease of use, the quality of the copied DVD, and the support offered from the company, among other things which is explained on each individual page.

See our Comparison Chart to compare top DVD Copying Software titles!

 1) DVDneXtCopy 


Hot New Software! No doubt about it... this is a top of the line dvd copy software. It has a slick interface, many advanced features, and is so very easy to use. It will copy both single and dual layered DVDs with absolute perfect quality.

You can choose to copy the movie only or the entire DVD including menus, chapters and all. You can also store DVDs to your hard drive, or you can copy DVD directly to DVD. And DVDneXtCopy will copy css encrypted and copyright protected DVDs with ease, including episodic DVD Movies like "The Simpsons" and "The Sopranos". 

It's also backed by a FULL 90 day money back guarantee, with free future updates, along with excellent support. To see DVDneXtCopy's full list of features you will need to read the complete review and see the comparison chart.

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 2) 1ClickDVDCopy

1ClickDVDCopy Version 5 has always been known as a very fast DVD Copying Software while still providing perfect quality copies every time! It will copy episodic DVD movies, and you have the option to copy DVDs to DVDs, or if you would rather you can backup a DVD to your hard drive allowing you to watch the movie on your home PC or laptop.

FREE Limited Time Bonus - CopyToDVD SE (special edition) is a new generation tool to backup all your music and data files. With a few clicks you can burn files, folders, pictures, and music to CD or DVD. A $29.99 Value FREE!

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 3) DVD X Platinum
DVDxPlatinum + Video Vault - DVD Copying Suite
If you're looking for a dvd copy software with all of the extra bells & whistles then this is it. Geared more towards the advanced user, DVDxPlatinum is a very fast, very powerful software that offers all of the features of the previous DVD X Copy Platinum, the best money back guarantee (90 days), and free future updates.

FREE Limited Time Bonus:

Right now for a limited time you also get Video Vault which allows you to covert vhs, camcorders, & digital camera to DVDs. Also export videos from DVD's, VCD's, Tapes, Camcorders, and even Downloaded files to DVD's, PDA's, Phones, Wireless Media Servers, & Personal Video Players (PVPs/PMPs).  (a $120 Value Free) 

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 4) DVD Cloner ll 


Simple, easy to use one-click and copy dvd copying software which allows you to copy your DVDs to DVDs with perfect quality. Copy all of the bonus footage, specials, menus, trailers, or just the movie. Copy to one disc, not two like many other programs, or copy to hard drive.

FREE Limited Time Bonus:

Right now for a limited time you also get Free DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG, and DVD to SVCD.

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 5) DVDXpress


DVDXpress is a new updated version of the old DVD X Copy Xpress, which was the first dvd copying software to copy any dvd to a single dvd. 

Xpress will copy both single and dual layered DVDs, copies episodic DVDs, and will copy any DVD movie onto just one disc with a single click of the mouse.

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  #1 DVDneXtCopy
  #2 1ClickDVDCopy
  #3 DVD Cloner
  #4 DVD Fab
  #5 DVD Wizard Pro

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