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DVD Ripper Copy Pro


DVD Ripper Copy Pro Software Box

DVD Ripper Copy Pro is another DVD Copying Software that copies DVDs to CDs with nothing more than a CD Burner. The CDs will play on your DVD player just like regular DVDs. You can also backup and copy playstation games.

Ease of use:

DVDRipper Copy Pro comes with step-by-step instructions and screenshots to walk you through the process of using your DVD Copying Software. It is one of the easier DVD to CD copying software programs available, but it doesn't even come close to the ease of use and quality of our top choices.


The quality produced by DVD Ripper Copy Pro was good, better than VHS but not as good as DVD.


We have found the support for DVD Ripper Copy Pro to be what we consider average with most companies. You can expect to wait a day or so for a reply, which in our opinion is too long.


DVD Ripper Copy Pro does exactly what it says. It copies DVDs to CDs with better than VHS quality, and you can also copy your playstation video games as well. It's definitely not a one click and copy program, although it is much easier than many other DVD to CD copying programs.

Included with DVD Ripper Copy Pro:

FREE Bonus - Also receive Game Copy 2002 which will show you how to backup playstation games using a CD-R, or CD-RW burner and will also show you how these games can be played on your system as well. Also get access to hundreds of DVD covers to print.

DVD Ripper Copy Pro Features:

  • Copy DVD's to CDR and watch them on your DVD player!
  • Copy DVD's to your computer and watch them on your computer!
  • Make instant backups of your DVD's!
  • Copy Playstation Games
  • Never worry about scratching or loosing your DVD's again
  • Copy DVDs to CD
  • Copy DVDs to VCD
  • Copy DVDs to SVCD

Your Price - Only $37.95


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