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Online Marketing Tools

The tools on this page are the tools that I use to run my business. Some of these are free while some are not. If you know of a tool that should be added here please let me know.


Keyword Search Tools:
Keywords are one of the main ingredients when building a website or page. With the wrong keywords you will get no visitors or traffic to your site unless you use pay per click search engines where in that case the wrong keywords can get you lots of visitors and traffic with no sales resulting in lots of lost revenue. Keyword search tools help you to find the keywords that you need to successfully promote your product or web site.

• SeoBook
• Google Keywords Tool
• Good Keywords
• Wordtracker

Blog Software:
Building a blog is one of the easiest ways to get online and to start receiving traffic fast. The following free programs make building a blog very easy. However, the easiest way to build a blog is to watch the Building a Blog Videos located in the Members Dashboard.

• Joomla
• Drupal

Domain Names:
I use godaddy to purchase all of my domain names. Their interface is so easy to use and understand. You can view all of your domains within the same interface and make necessary changes to one or many domains very easily and quickly... either all at once or separately.

• GoDaddy

Web Hosting:
The following web hosts have excellent reliability also allowing you to host unlimited domains in a single account with unlimited hosting space and unlimited file transfer. Their support is also very good.

• BlueHost
• Hostgator

Website Builders:
Weebly is a free website builder which is good for beginners. If you want to create your own website from scratch, then I suggest NVU, Frontpage, Dreamweaver. I personally like Frontpage because that is what I am used to, but a lot of people are using NVU which is a free program much like Frontpage. I listed SiteBuildIt here because it is a program that I used as a beginner.

• SiteBuildIt
• Microsoft Frontpage
• Macromedia Dreamweaver
• Weebly

Building a list of subscribers is crucial to succeeding online allowing you to stay in touch with those who want to follow you and allowing you to market to them time and time again. The following autoresponder systems are the best out there.

• Aweber
• GetResponse

Squeeze Page Software:
Sending your visitors to a squeeze page before sending them to your product page or review is one of the best ways to build your subscriber list. Here are a couple of programs to help you build squeeze pages. I plan on providing you some squeeze page templates that you can modify and use as for yourself soon.

• Squeeze Page Generator
• Instant Squeeze Page Maker

PPC Adversitement:
Pay per click search engines are a very good way to bring targeted traffic to your site almost immediately. I have always used lots of pay per click search engines which bring a lot of traffic to my web sites. As you look around you will see that there are many PPC search engines out there, however I only recommend using the following three.

• Google Adwords
• Yahoo Search Marketing
• MSN Adcenter

Adware Removal:
This is a free software that you can download to and use on a regular basis to remove adware and spyware from your computer.

• Lavasoft Adaware
• Sypware Doctor

Zip File Utilities:
Use one of these programs to zip and unzip files and folders.

• WinZip
• Just Zip It
• WinRar

FTP Software:
Ftp (file transfer protocol) software is used to upload and download files to and from your hard drive and server. I used to pay $50/year for a program but have been using Filezilla which is free for the past year or so and I really like it. SmartFTP is also a free program.

• Filezilla
• SmartFTP

Article Submission Software and Services:
Article submission software allows you to submit articles to many different directories very easily and quickly.

• Article Post Robot
• Instant Article Submitter
• Article Marketer

eBook Publishing Software:
How to compile your products, such as an ebook that you created in WORD, into PDF using a compiler program.

• eBook Generator
• eBook Pro

Use these websites to hire someone to do virtually anything internet related that you need done such as writing articles, creating software, building a website or whatever your need. At these places you can enter a project and have professionals from all over the world to bid against each other to do the work for you allowing you to get your project done for pennies on the dollar in many cases.


Miscellaneous Tools:

• Word Count Tool
Enter your text, click enter and it will tell you how many words you have.

• Keyword Density Analyzer
Enter your text or article, enter your keyword phrase, and the tool will tell you the keyword density within your article.

• Adwords Wrapper
If you're using google adwords to market your product, then this tool is a must. This tool makes it easy to get one or all three google keyword variations in one step.

BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. Basically a search engine for blogs. Just type in your keyword phrase and it will find out what everyone is talking about in your niche. Use this for niche research and find the hot button issues your target audience is talking about.

• (Competition Analyzer Tool)
Spyfu let's you perform keyword research on your competitors and their keywords. Basically, spyfu enables customers to “spy” on their competitor's online marketing campaigns, see which terms they advertise on, which terms they optimize their site for, how much they spend, and so much more.

• SEO Analysis Tool
This tool checks your rank in google, yahoo and msn and shows you the current top ten sites. It also gives you a break down of your site and compares it side-by-side with the current top ten. It also shows the number of pages indexed, backlinks, Alexa traffic rank, Allinanchor rank, age of the domain, a count of the search phrase on each page, and a link to find related pages in google.

• Link Popularity Tool
This tool will let you see how popular your site is by seeing how many links all the major search engines are counting back to your site. Also see results from other sites in your industry.

Affiliate Networks:
Affiliate networks make it easy to findmerchants that will pay you to market their product. They also make it easy to find niche markets to target. I'm associate with most of the affiliate networks on this page. In any instance, these are the most popular affiliate networks available.

• Commission Junction
• Clickbank
• Linkshare
• Performics
• ShareaSale
• RegNow
• ClickXChange
• AzoogleAds
• ClixGalore
• CashEngines
• Sunspotweb
• NCS Reporting

Article Directories:
Article directories allow you to post articles that you have written which works in your favor in several different ways such as: establishing you as an authority in your niche, provides you with backlinks to your site, brings you traffic, helps with search engine rankings.

• Article
• ArticleCity
• IdeaMarketers
• Web Pro News
• SearchWarp
• Articles Base
• Buzzle
• Amazines
• Article Alley
• Articles Factory
• Article Rich
• Site Reference
• Article Snatch
• Article Trader
• Easy Articles
• 1ArticleWorld
• Afro Articles
• Article Friendly
• SelfSEO


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