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Understanding Your Credit Report & Credit Score

Experian Do you know your credit score history? You should! A good credit score or rating is one of the most valuable assets that you can own. A good or bad credit rating can affect some of your most important decisions you will ever make. Whether you want to buy a car, buy a home, need a personal or emergency loan, or simply would like to have a certain credit card, your credit score or rating plays an important role.

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How is your Credit Score Determined?

  • Payment History: Approximately 35% of your score.

  • Amounts Owed: About 30% of your score.

  • Length of Credit History: About 15% of your score.

  • Pattern of Credit Use: About 10% of your score.

  • Types of Credit in Use: About 10% of your score.

Credit Score Guidelines

A credit score of 650 or above indicates a you have a very good credit history. If your credit score is this high you will usually find the loan process quick and easy, and will have a good chance to obtain a loan at a relatively low rate of interest.

Scores between 620 and 650 indicate basically good credit. (Average FICO scores fall into this range.) If your credit score is in this range you have a good chance at a loan at a good rate, but you may have to provide additional documentation and explanations to the lender before the loan is approved. A score below 620 may prevent you from getting the best interest rates, as you may be considered a greater credit risk-but it does not mean that mortgage funding can't be found.

Know what is on your credit report so you will be able to correct it and keep your credit score in good standing - inaccuracies, human error, mixed credit files, identity theft, etc...

Get your free credit report & score and know what's on your report so you can address these issues and have the credit you want and need.

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