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Vehicle History Reports
Know all the Facts about any used car BEFORE you buy.

A Vehicle History Report will give you all the information on used cars that you may be thinking of buying or may have already bought. You can know how many previous owners a car has had, where a car came from, what kind of service it has undergone, if it has been involved in an accident, and much more.

AutoCheck unlimited vehicle history reports offers you THE SAME information as it does to car dealers about a used car.

Don't take the chance of buying a lemon. Vehicle history reports takes all of the guesswork out of the used car buying situation. You really can know everything about a car or truck before you buy it.

Search nationwide databases to get your vehicle history report before making a costly mistake.

Vehicle History Reports provides the following information:
  • Totaled in an accident
  • Salvage/Junk titles
  • Flood damage 
  • Odometer readings and/or rollbacks 
  • Lemon histories 
  • Junked Titles 
  • State emissions inspection results 
  • Lien information
  • City/State of owner
  • Original vehicle use (rental, taxi, lease, etc.)
  • Stolen vehicles (where available)
  • Flood titles
  • Lemon titles
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Problem titles
  • Manufacturer Buyback (Lemon) Data
  • Location of inspection site
  • Pass/fail inspection status
  • Major repair and maintenance data
  • Damage reports from accidents
  • Police-reported detail
  • Open Recalls

How Vehicle History Reports Works:

Step 1:  Search for Your Vehicle History Records By Entering Your vehicle identification number (VIN). The Vehicle ID Number (VIN) can be found on dashboards and title documents. All cars and light trucks built after 1981 have a unique 17-character VIN that contains valuable information about that vehicle's history.

Step 2:   Read your "Free Vehicle Record Summary" results. AutoCheck searches it's database to find records about the used car you're interested in purchasing. This gives you a limited amount of information and lets you decide if you want to order the complete reports.

Step 3:   Click on the AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports link where you can order either the Unlimited Vehicle History Reports or the Single Vehicle History Report and see the complete reports instantly.

If you are shopping around for a used car or truck then I highly recommend the Unlimited Vehicle History Reports which gives you access to as many reports as you want within a 30 day period. AutoCheck vehicle history reports are THE ONLY company that offers the unlimited vehicle history reports for 30 days! No other company comes close.

When you sign up for the unlimited vehicle history reports you are given a username and password at the autocheck website. Then all you need to do is that when auto shopping, simply write down the VIN number of any used vehicle that you are interested in. You can then enter those VIN numbers and instantly know all the facts about that used car or truck BEFORE you make a mistake of buying a Lemon!

AutoCheck also uses a vehicle’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to run a lemon vehicle check on every used car by searching its database in order to determine if a Manufacturer’s Buyback/Lemon title exists for that vehicle.

When you buy a autocheck history report, AutoCheck even goes so far as to offer you what they call their "Buyback Insurance". This actually makes it possible for you to buy a used car as risk-free as buying a new car! AutoCheck with Buyback Insurance is the only vehicle history report service that will insure 110% of your vehicle's purchase price.

Here's how it works. With the new AutoCheck Buyback Insurance, AutoCheck  will actually buy the vehicle back from you if there was a severe problem reported by a DMV that was not included in the Vehicle History Report. And with the AutoCheck Buyback Insurance, you are protected for a FULL year after your vehicle purchase!

These are the big problems you really need to worry about - major accidents, fire, flood damage, major odometer problems or lemon history - that can significantly affect the value and safety of a used car. If this information was not included in the vehicle history report when you bought the car, AutoCheck will give you a check to buy another car.

With a vehicle history report you really can feel good knowing that you are buying a good vehicle! There's no need to take a chance - not anymore!  

Get the Facts - The Car Facts that is! Know the complete history of any used car or truck BEFORE you buy!

Get your Vehicle history report now.

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CARFAX Vehicle History Report
Cars can't talk... But you can know everything about it. Get a AutoCheck Report & know all the facts about a vehicle before you purchase it!

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