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New and Used Car Buying Guides

Below are some very helpful resources to help you when buying your next new or used cars. For example, the book, "What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know", supplies you with information such as how dealers use deceptive sales practices to trick shoppers into paying outrageous overcharges. This book details every scam - from "dealer's cost" surcharges to leasing rip-offs - in use today. This book is unique in its consumer protection information and insights from car dealers, attorneys, and victims.

The book, "Don't Get Taken Every Time" is a new edition which protects car buyers from the dealers' latest secret weapon - the Internet. Even the smallest bit of information entered on a Web site can give dealers what they need to take unfair advantage of their customers. From shopping and negotiating to financing, this book exposes car dealers' scams and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get the best deal.

Also listed below are Consumer Reports - New and Used Guides, the Kelly Blue Book, as well as numerous other helpful auto buying guides. Being well informed and educated is always a very smart thing to do especially when it comes to a major investment like buying a new or used car. That's why I always recommend getting a Vehicle History Report before buying a used car.

The reason being, a Vehicle History Report is very cheap, and it will tell you about any used vehicle just by simply entering the VIN number of that vehicle. Within a matter of seconds you can know how many previous owners a vehicle has had, what kind of reported service the vehicle may have undergone, if it has been involved in a major DMV reported accident and much more. With a CARFAX vehicle history report you can protect yourself from buying a lemon.

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CARFAX Vehicle History Report
Cars can't talk... But you can know everything about it. Get a AutoCheck Report & know all the facts about a vehicle before you purchase it!

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